Votebook Desktop

Votebook Desktop

  • A cute occupier on your desk serving to record your opinions about service quality.

  • You can directly ask your customers ‘‘How they like’’ your services.

  • Ask questions about your services and record their responses to grade their happiness.

  • Several questions on digital screen can be displayed consequtively.
    Replies are valued to form reports for corporate ratings.

Product Description

  • Detecting the efficiency of organization’s staff by recording customers’ evaluations.
  • Observing reactions of customers about the new product launches and campaigns.
  • Defining potential customers with questions..
  • Making market searches, collecting data
  • Choosing the proper target segment of customers.
  • A survey device is placed on each employee’s desk towards customer’s view.
  • Commercials are displayed on device while the desk is empty and/or customer’s transaction is on process.
  • When the transaction is over, evaluations and/or questions are displayed for a while on screen.
  • Customers pick their choice.
  • All choices and clicks are recorded and added to report database for further evaluation.
  • 7’’ Touch Screen.
  • Wifi communication.
  • Built-in support in QVista.Net
  • Each survey can be designed through Central Management Software and can be published to each CSD client
  • Survey results will be synchronized to Central Server to prepare detailed reports when needed
  • 7 inches Wi-fi based touch screen mobile device
  • Capable of Designing more than one Question Screens
  • Fully Customizable Transition Screens and anouncement voices
  • Able to Add Advertisement & Commercial Videos
  • Easy to distribute New Surveys to CSD Clients
  • Graph Support for Survey Reports
  • Each Survey Result can be obtained through Customers Ticket Number
  • Suitable color for corporate image.
  • Screen design and inquiries are centrally controled.
  • More than one questions can be asked, sub-menus screen can be designed.
  • Every branch can ask its own questions.
  • Detailed reports by brunch or by personel.
  • Report period daily, weekly, yearly and can be selected for a certain time interval.
  • Variable and consecutively questions can be asked depending on previous questions’ answers.
  • Can be integrated to Queue System.